Frequently Asked Questions

We're worldwide, all of North America as well as internationally. Today almost all agencies work nationally. Our difference is your debtor is immediately contacted by collection professionals. Our method uniquely bypasses traditional processes and shows your claim really must be listened to.

A bad check is a bad debt, it is even evidence of fraud and is often more collectible than a sales invoice. We take accounts of any age and size. Why not send us your problem accounts today?

Thank you for connecting with us. Your situation is very much the same as others we work. The ability to collect an account can only be determined when you allow us to process it.  And, of course, our fees are contingent upon recovery.

No! Commercial rates are always lower than non-commercial. That is explained in our Starter Kit and in our Agreement . Generally, you'll find our rates are less than rates charged by traditional agencies. Most important, we consistently make personal, professional contacts on your debtor(s).

We've operated nationwide since 1963, and we're licensed and bonded.

A better question would be:

Of funds you recover, what percent are collected in 45 days?

We call this “collection velocity”. You see, velocity is important because any agency's ability to collect is dependent on how well you, the creditor, have done your job. When we are given current and accurate information, we can happily report that 62% of all funds collected are in Customer's bank within 45 days. Now that’s velocity! You get paid… fast.

How fast will you litigate?

Our program is a pre-litigation series of personal contacts directed upon your debtor.  The professional speed and intensity of these contacts achieves the results we both desire. Less than five percent of accounts placed with us ever require attorney intervention. However, the ability to litigate is always available at your discretion.

We provide monthly status reports. In addition, we tell you of any significant developments as they occur.

Our fee is based only on collection. There is no fee if we fail and your costs for our recovery are exactly and only those quoted in our Agreement. There are NO advance fees. NO binding agreements. You pay only our low fee if we collect. There is no other charge, unless you elect to sue.

No! We're not a letter writer. Our program is vigorous personal contact by  collection professionals seeking recovery on your behalf. Letters do have their place, but in general, they are ineffective. And, the time lost while waiting for a letter series to conclude serves only to make any debt harder to collect.